Ford Ranger Diesel Tuning Chips

Advanced tuning chips guaranteed to boost performance for the Ford Ranger range.

When you opt for a CHIP Express™ digital tuning system, you are choosing an innovate and bespoke tuning solution that has been specifically programmed and setup for your particular engine. As such, it works in harmony with all of the built-in engine safety parameters of your Ford Ranger. Choose the safest system you can, from a respected and trusted company, and start enjoying significantly improved performance and economy!

Select your Ford Ranger engine from the list below:

Ford Ranger Power Torque

2.2 TDCi

PS kW bhp Nm lbf/ft
Ford Ranger 2.2 TDCi 120 88 118 285 210
Ford Ranger 2.2 TDCi 125 92 123 330 243
Ford Ranger 2.2 TDCi 150 110 148 375 277

2.5 TDCi

PS kW bhp Nm lbf/ft
Ford Ranger 2.5 TDCi 143 105 141 330 243

3.0 TDCi

PS kW bhp Nm lbf/ft
Ford Ranger 3.0 TDCi 156 115 154 380 280

3.2 TDCi

PS kW bhp Nm lbf/ft
Ford Ranger 3.2 TDCi 200 147 197 470 347

Feedback from our Ford Ranger customers:

  • Ross from Mansfield, Australia with a Ford Ranger 3.0 TDCi 156 said:

    WOW, what a difference! I am half handy-half dangerous and it was absolutely simple to install. Idle is smooth and, as you said, power is noticeably better from 1000rpm onwards, particularly between it's usual range. A gain in both kilowatts and torque is immediately obvious. Engine temperature and behaviour is perfectly normal (it's 30C plus here) and the differences are delivered smoothly and subtlety. One very happy customer!

  • Paul from Wisbech with a Ford Ranger 2.2 TDCi 150 said:

    Thank you for sending out the chip for our 2012 Ford Ranger, initially I found the truck to be very under powered but after installing your chip it made a substantial difference. Pulling power increased though all gears and made it a joy to drive! This is the second chip I have bought from you which says it all really!

  • Urs from Brisbane, Australia with a Ford Ranger 2.2 TDCi 150 said:

    I just wanted to report that I am a happy customer, I have had your product for over a year and although I don’t use the car much last weekend I did 260km on the freeway and averaged 6.8litres/100km, I also found the car runs much smoother. I have recommended CHIP Express to many of my friends and other Ford enthusiasts, thanks again for a great product!

  • Paul from Stockport with a Ford Ranger 2.2 TDCi 150 said:

    The chip came on time as promised and is now fitted on to my 2.2 Ranger Limited 2013 model. It certainly now runs a lot smoother and less gear changing is required. It now seems to cruise along in higher gears with no labouring from the engine.

  • Roy from Sydney, Australia with a Ford Ranger 3.2 TDCi 200 said:

    I've received my chip, thanks for that. Easy to fit and a noticeable difference to my Ford Ranger 3.2, especially in the lower gears. I am now really enjoying the smoother acceleration!

  • Richard from Jogjakarta (Indonesia) with a Ford Ranger 2.2 TDCi 150 said:

    Done... fitting was easy, no problems and no engine check lights. A test drive proves your chip works well, gear shifts are smoother, no turbo lag, and higher gears now work at low rpm which is ideal for the city. I can also reach 120km/hr much faster and my 6th gear still has a lot of power. More then happy using this chip and thank you for your support.