More Power

Plug-in the CHIP Express™ diesel tuning chip and feel the extra power – instantly! Up to 40% more power means a sharper throttle response. Say goodbye to flat spots and turbo lag – say hello to smoother gear changes and boosted power. Enjoy a livelier feel, as if you'd chosen the bigger engine option.

More Torque

Fit the CHIP Express™ digital diesel tuning box for more torque too. You'll immediately notice better acceleration from low down in the rev range and when using taller gears. And that means more pulling power - precisely what you need if you tow a caravan, a horse box, a boat or if you drive a heavily laden vehicle like a van or pickup.

Better Economy

With ever-rising fuel costs you'll appreciate up to 20% better economy. Greater power and torque means you'll pull away with ease, change up through the gears much sooner and change down less. Auto boxes will respond in the same way too. This keeps your RPMs lower and is significantly more fuel efficient.

What is a Chip?

A programmed electronic microprocessor controlled device that simply plugs inline within the engine bay of the vehicle; it remains permanently fitted when in use but can just as easily be removed without trace.

When fitted it continually monitors and works to boost your engine's efficiency, all within governed safety parameters.

Remember the CHIP Express™ digital diesel tuning system is not a "replacement chip" where your ECU is physically opened and its original chip replaced (thus immediately invalidating your vehicle warranty). Nor is it a "remap" whose settings can be detected and even deleted during routine servicing. The CHIP Express™ plug-in digital tuning system is an additional sophisticated microprocessor controlled tuning chip which will give you substantial, immediate performance and fuel consumption gains.

Works Out of the Box!

The system arrives presentation packed and complete with everything you need to fit it yourself in minutes.

This includes digital tuning chip itself with the correct cable for your vehicle along with a weather-resistant mounting pouch and Velcro fixings, all designed for quick release and re-fitment if necessary.

You then simply plug it in following the detailed, engine-specific photographic instructions provided.

The system is designed to give optimum results right out of the box without needing additional complicated setting and tweaking.

Order before 3pm and your system will usually be despatched the same day.

See our vehicle selector application to find your diesel tuning kit and order online using our secure checkout today.

It takes minutes to order and minutes to fit, so why wait? Buy now in complete confidence!

Timothy from Stoke On Trent puts it better than we can:

I fitted it that evening in less than 5 minutes thanks to the easy and accurate instructions and photos. The difference is staggering; the torque is huge giving blistering performance...

Choose CHIP Express

Throughout the industry CHIP Express™ is synonymous with innovative, class-leading digital tuning solutions and unparalleled standards of customer care and service.

Safety and quality are paramount; a CHIP Express™ tuning system will never damage your engine or compromise the safety of your vehicle, retaining all the protective functions and fault diagnostics of your vehicle's original ECU; operating well within governed engine tolerances.

Every CHIP Express™ system undergoes rigorous and extensive testing on new vehicles ensuring safety, reliability and suitability requirements are met.

Rest assured you are buying the best quality, most rigorously tested system available!

So, whether you drive a manual or an automatic, a car, van, motorhome, tractor or even a boat, we have a diesel tuning chip for you - there are no wires to cut and no special tools needed, it takes just minutes to fit.

You are protected by our full 3 year warranty PLUS our 14 day from receipt money back guarantee: if you don't agree that our advanced, cutting-edge system gives you more power, more torque or better economy, then return it to us in its original packaging and condition and we will refund you without hesitation.

Check out our vehicle selection now to see if yours is listed.

Drivability for Cars

A CHIP Express™ tuning system will improve your cars driving dynamics, allowing you to pull away with ease, climb hills effortlessly, use less fuel and enjoy extra reserves of power when you need them.

Your whole driving experience will be more enjoyable thanks to the significant boosts in both power and torque.

You'll feel the improved acceleration, the cleaner, crisper response to the throttle and enjoy smoother gear changes – turbo lag and hesitation off the mark will be eliminated making for a more linear progressive delivery of performance, particularly at low RPM's; you'll also appreciate a reduction in engine noise levels.

Our engine specific plug-in systems are without doubt the most sophisticated and safest you can buy with thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.

Achieve a guaranteed increase in performance or your money back!

Just read our testimonials page and see for yourself what genuine customer satisfaction really is.

Speed for Boats

Get your boat out of the hole and on plane quickly, improve your vessels manoeuvrability and increase speed!

Next generation CHIP Express™ digital tuning systems cover a wide range of turbo diesel marine applications and work to substantially improve performance – spin your prop faster and enjoy higher RPMs where not electronically restricted, improving maximum cruising speeds at wide open throttle.

Besides the increased power and torque, every CHIP Express™ system also gives significant gains in fuel economy too as less throttle can be used for given speeds - especially when loaded with passengers, fuel, and gear.

And if you're out on the high seas, safety and reliability is paramount so you'll be happy to know that, every CHIP Express™ solution has been specifically designed for the particular engine it's fitted to.

And of course, fitting and removing a CHIP Express™ kit is no more difficult on a boat than it is on any other engine – a straightforward task any skipper can complete in minutes.

Torque for Tractors

Of all the vehicles out there, tractors and farm vehicles probably have one of the toughest lives of all.

Operated for long hours at a stretch, in the harshest of conditions, low-end torque is often a real limiting factor in their use. More so than with almost any other vehicle, a genuine, significant improvement in low RPM torque and power will transform performance, save you fuel and also importantly time, where often the window for ploughing, harrowing and harvesting is small.

The CHIP Express™ system also works on tractors fitted with the factory standard POWER BOOST function, giving you further power over supplied figures, further improving drivability.

As with all our systems reliability is of the upmost importance, for this reason they have been designed to work within engine safety parameters, this has been well proven over thousands of hours of actual use in the many hundreds of agricultural vehicles in which they are installed.

Improve your tractors efficiency today!

Cruising Motorhomes

If you drive a Motorhome you'll be aware of the two common problems with the basic design: a huge laden body with a relatively small engine to pull it.

Not the best of combinations, particularly when you're faced with steep hills and the difficulty of overtaking slower-moving vehicles and lorries.

But the moment you install an advanced CHIP Express™ digital tuning chip, you'll feel the difference.

That extra torque will improve your pulling power, giving you the low end "grunt" you need to pull away with ease whilst enabling you to overtake and climb hills effortlessly - the common problem of cruise control deactivating on steep hills will also be reduced, making for a much more relaxed and stress free drive.

As a result of the extra performance you will also be able to keep RPM's down by holding taller gears longer and using less throttle, this will help with economy as you engine will run much more efficiently within "its new found" wider torque band, travelling further on a tank of diesel too!

Easy Towing

Towing a caravan, horse box, boat or trailer stretches the performance of any vehicle to its limit.

The last thing you want to do is slow down other drivers on those long hills, or to be just not quite able to overtake that slower-moving vehicle in front of you, causing long tailbacks behind.

Fortunately, the CHIP Express™ digital tuning system might have been designed just for you!

It will increase both the power and the torque of your diesel engine, giving you that extra pulling power you need for overtaking and that low-end "grunt" that will see you pull away easily and take hills in your stride, not to mention when driving solo your everyday drive will also be transformed.

Nick from Tamworth noticed exactly this and wrote to tell us about his impressive 21% fuel economy improvement:

We towed the caravan earlier today and noticed it was much easier to pull and the fuel economy was much better - when we picked it up we got 33mpg but now we're getting 40mpg.

Efficient Commercials

If you drive a van or truck then you are well aware of how different it feels when it's heavily loaded compared to when it's empty.

Suddenly it becomes sluggish, lacking low-end power, requiring you to work the gears constantly just to keep it moving.

Overtaking or tackling hills can become a nightmare – you lose time and become exhausted. Fortunately, a CHIP Express™ solution gives you the best of both worlds – by paying attention to the overall efficiency of the engine, drivers can benefit from that much-needed increased in torque while also enjoying significant fuel savings too. Given the price of fuel there is no escaping the fact that just a small economy increase can result in big annual savings.

From the day you fit you're CHIP Express™ digital tuning system you'll feel your vehicle has a new lease of life – or that the load has magically "disappeared", making for a less stressful journey, arriving more relaxed and more likely on time!