The CHIP Express™ plug-in system can be self fitted in minutes!

Even if you've never worked on a car before, if you can open the bonnet and have basic DIY skills you can fit a CHIP Express™ digital tuning system. Follow the supplied photo-instructions for your specific vehicle and you'll have the job done in minutes.

Robin from South Yorkshire told us: The ease of fitting was incredible (literally minutes as you promised). Keith from near Grantham said: It took me just under 10 minutes from start to finish to install - if I can do it, anyone can. Paul from Oxfordshire was: Surprised how simple it was to install.

It really is 100% plug-in. There are no wires to cut and the supplied cable has been designed for your vehicle and uses the exact same connectors as the manufacturers. You just plug it in and the job is done. If you need any assistance, just call us and we'll be glad to talk you through it. And remember, if you really don't want to fit it yourself, any local garage or mechanic can easily fit it for a small charge.

Follow these 6 simple steps for more power and better economy

Choose the best diesel tuning system available!

Unlike cheaper, untested, "generic" systems, the CHIP Express™ digital tuning system retains all the protective functions and fault diagnostics of your vehicle's original ECU; always operating well within engine tolerances. Our digital microprocessor circuited units are all manufactured using the highest quality surface mounted components contained within a compact, light weight and robust housing. In addition only adaptor plugs that simply plug in to existing connectors are used. Every CHIP Express™ system undergoes rigorous and extensive testing on new vehicles ensuring safety, reliability and suitability requirements are met. Rest assured you are buying the best quality, most rigorously tested system available!

How the CHIP Express™ system works...

This is no "generic" system, no "one size fits all" solution - using digital microprocessor technology the CHIP Express™ system utilises proven engine-specific dynamic maps to analyse the individual data for different fuel injection cycles and conditions millions of times per second, the information resulting from this analysis is used to take advantage of the engines lean running to optimise combustion efficiency and improve atomisation by precisely re-calibrating the injection system. This intelligent feature gives the unit the ability to adapt to your own driving requirements, all without the need for any complicated "manual" adjustment or tweaking! That is what we mean when we say the system "works right out of the box".

Why buy CHIP Express™ over cheaper analogue or generic digital tuning systems?

Chip Express™ digital tuning systems are far superior to analogue units. There are many inferior analogue designs currently on the market; the first is a resistor in a box that either trips the ECUs cold fuel maps within the low RPM range only or fools the air flow meter readings. These crude methods of tuning have many associated problems. Next is a resistor type analogue or generic digital chip; these systems use primitive electronics and have no intelligence. They may initially work to a degree but often cause poor idle running, hesitation, smoke on acceleration, engine lights to illuminate, limp mode (as they are working outside safe parameters), DPF/ FAP blockage or regeneration issues. These substandard methods are NOT engine specific and non-comparable. CHIP Express™ systems are different; they use unique and innovative software in conjunction with the very best components, giving you the next phase in digital tuning technology. Our solutions combine impeccable build quality with unique electronic design. What's more, they are bespoke to their application, fully digital and keep the engine standard at idle whilst providing optimum power throughout the rev-range. This engine specific, tested and approved software is held in the serial memory and works via a sophisticated timing circuit using high speed multi-microprocessor technology, optimising your engine power safely and providing a driving performance second to none. Why take chances? Choose the No. 1 provider of diesel performance enhancing solutions, buy only the very best for your vehicle from a company unequalled in innovation.

CHIP Express™ versus chipping or a remap... what is the difference?

Chipping involves the physical opening of your vehicles ECU (electronic control unit); often breaking tamper proof seals in the process (thus immediately invalidating your vehicle warranty), the standard chip is then de-soldered at great risk and replaced with a modified version. A remap like chipping also requires the removal of your vehicles original ECU settings, meaning that returning your vehicle back to standard can also be a major complication. The CHIP Express™ plug-in system addresses these issues as it works in conjunction with your original ECU settings rather than replacing them, it can easily be self installed, removed, adjusted for more performance and transferred if you change your vehicle - it cannot not be deleted during routine servicing, even if left fitted. Importantly it must be noted that the CHIP Express™ system works from part to full throttle load, enhancing real world drivability even on light throttle openings, other methods respond at close to full throttle load only. The CHIP Express™ system also produces more low RPM torque when compared to a remap so it’s ideal if you drive a laden vehicle or if you are looking for better economy potential.

It takes the market-leader in tuning technology to give you all these important benefits:

  • 100% plug-in, can be fitted in minutes and removed leaving no trace
  • Does not require the removal of your vehicle's original settings
  • No complex setting up, works right out of the box - unlike "generic" chips
  • Cannot be deleted during routine servicing if left fitted
  • Guaranteed performance increase or your money back
  • Designed for use on both manual or automatic vehicles
  • Suitable for use worldwide
  • Sports button compatible – works in conjunction with all selected modes
  • DPF/ FAP particle filter and EGT safe
  • Keeps air fuel ratios at an optimum – fully emission compliant
  • Can be used on vehicles that use urea and emission additive
  • Engine life increased due do taller gears being used - requiring fewer RPMs
  • Does not interfere with service schedule intervals
  • Unlocks your vehicle's full potential using tested software
  • Programmed and individually calibrated for your engine
  • All engine safety systems remain operational – works within safe parameters
  • Superior performance on demand whilst keeping the engine standard at idle
  • Eliminates flat spots, removes turbo lag and sharpens throttle for a smoother drive
  • Max turbo boost pressure remains unaltered
  • Select higher gears sooner, change down less, reduce revs - better economy
  • Use less throttle for similar driving conditions, further reducing consumption
  • Advanced design makes more of the RPM range usable, for safer overtaking
  • Produces more low down torque compared to a remap - helps towing
  • Reduces engine noise levels
  • Automotive grade – extreme temperature and vibration resistant
  • Supplied with engine specific photographic fitting instructions
  • Class-leading 3 year "repair or replace" warranty
  • Respected, trusted brand with thousands of satisfied customers worldwide

Achieve a guaranteed increase in performance from a name synonymous with digital diesel tuning systems – CHIP Express™. We ship units worldwide on a daily basis, just read our testimonials page and see for yourself what genuine customer satisfaction really is. You can certainly find cheaper – but you definitely won't find better! Choose CHIP Express™ "next generation" digital tuning systems, the ultimate plug-in upgrade!

Buy now with complete confidence!

Whether you drive a manual or an automatic, a car, van, motorhome, tractor or even a boat, we have a diesel tuning chip for you - there are no wires to cut and no special tools needed, it takes just minutes to fit. You are also protected by our full 3 year warranty PLUS our 14 day from receipt money back guarantee: if you don't agree that our advanced, cutting-edge system gives you more power, more torque or better economy, then return it to us in its original packaging and condition and we will refund you without hesitation. Check out our vehicle selector now to see if yours is listed then order online!