Your important questions answered.

Got a query about diesel tuning? Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is the CHIP Express™ system simple to fit?

    The CHIP Express™ system can easily be self installed in minutes using photo illustrated instructions supplied. It simply uses plug in connectors, no special tools or skills are required and no wires need cutting.

  • When un-plugged will my vehicle return to factory-standard?

    The system has been designed to work safely alongside your original ECU not to replace it, so just as the chip can be easily installed in minutes, so it can be easily un-plugged too. When removed your vehicle is once again factory-standard, the system is non-permanent leaving no trace of fitment in the vehicles memory whatsoever.

  • When does my 14 day money back guarantee begin?

    Your 14 day trial period begins from the date goods are received, not the purchase date. Should you decide to return simply do so postmarked within the first 14 days with a cover letter, upon receiving your return we will email confirmation of your full purchase price refund - which will be made via your original payment method. The only cost should you decide not to keep is the cost of return postage.

  • Do CHIP Express™ upgrades work in automatic vehicles?

    Yes, all our upgrades are compatible with the latest automatic transmissions. As long as your engine is listed on our vehicle finder it can be safely tuned whether it is a manual or automatic.

  • How is less fuel consumption possible?

    The CHIP Express™ tuning box increases the power and torque characteristics of the engine. This means you can achieve the same style of driving with less throttle at lower RPM's, meaning that down changing becomes less frequent and higher gears can now be used sooner.

  • Can I re-use my chip if I change vehicles?

    On most vehicles you can keep your existing tuning module. Usually all that is required is re-programming and possibly a new adaptor cable, for this we charge between £99 and £149 (please email to verify). Please contact us for further details to check the compatibility of your current system.

  • Will the chip help with overtaking?

    Yes, because your vehicle now has a significantly improved power to weight ratio in gear acceleration times will be much improved, this is particularly important if you tow a caravan or drive a laden vehicle.

  • Is there any complicated setting up to do?

    No. Every one of our systems comes ready for use, already set for optimum power and economy, right out of the box.

  • Does that mean the system can't be adjusted?

    No. If you want to explore the higher limits of performance which your vehicle is capable of, every CHIP Express™ digital tuning box has simple adjustment so you can increase or decrease the power easily – this is all fully explained with the instructions supplied. Most customers, however, are more than happy with the supplied settings.

  • What warranties does the CHIP Express™ system provide?

    First is our class-leading 3 year product warranty which guarantees your unit against manufacturing defects. Second is our 14 day "no quibble" money-back guarantee which means you can order now with complete confidence and if the unit does not perform exactly as we describe, you can return it within 14 days in its original box and condition and receive a prompt refund.

  • Why did the manufacturer not offer tuning in the first place?

    Put simply, your vehicle's intended performance is restricted because car manufacturers have to allow for model variants that often use the same engine mechanicals with adjusted power figures. As well as this, many countries around the world relate their tax levels to the power output of a vehicle.

  • Can the unit damage my engine?

    The safety of your engine is our number one priority. Each CHIP Express™ system has been designed to work alongside – not instead of – your engine's original ECU. As such, it respects all of the ECU's inbuilt safety parameters.

  • Where can I find the details for my vehicles engine variant?

    This information can be found on your vehicle registration document known as a V5 log book in the UK. Feel free to contact us should you require further assistance.

  • Will my vehicle still pass emission tests?

    Yes, a further advantage of all CHIP Express™ systems is their compliance with vehicle emissions standards; whether it has a particulate filter or urea injection, there's a CHIP Express™ system designed specifically for it.

  • Will I achieve the figures published?

    Our figures represent the minimum and maximum values you can achieve depending on your tuning box settings and vehicle setup. Remember the figures do not tell the full story. With a CHIP Express™ system fitted both peak power and torque will arrive sooner and be held for longer. This means that more of the rev range is useable, rather then just the usual narrow power band. This provides faster acceleration where necessary as well as more flexibility through the gears.

  • Is the CHIP Express™ system suitable for high mileage drivers?

    Yes, many fleets and taxi drivers use our systems to save fuel. Apart from the economy benefits the increased power makes distance or prolonged driving more pleasurable and relaxed due to the extra torque provided by the tuning system.

  • What about maintenance?

    The CHIP Express™ tuning box is 100% maintenance-free and has no serviceable parts, just plug in and enjoy!

  • Will it make my vehicle smoke or run rough?

    No. In fact, the CHIP Express™ tuning box can even clean up your vehicle emissions by increasing the efficiency of the injection system, which will lead to smoother, quieter running.

  • How do I know if the tuning chip is working?

    You will feel a dramatic increase in power right away!

  • What about my vehicle insurance?

    Many insurance companies do not charge extra for vehicles fitted with an economy / tuning engine chip while others charge a small fee; if you are un sure, we suggest you check with your insurance company before installation. Insurance companies that should allow up to 25% increases include: Elephant, the AA, Liverpool Victoria (LV) and Aviva; however you may find you get a much better deal from the likes of a specialist such as Adrian Flux or Chris Knott when it comes time to renewal.

  • I have a question you haven't covered above – can you help?

    You can email us or call us at +44 (0) 1727 730 956. However you choose to get in touch, we'll be more than happy to help and advise you in any way we can.