Diesel Tuning & More: Improving Gas Mileage

More and more frequently, consumers are looking for ways to improve their gas mileage. One of the most obvious reasons for this is financial in nature. With escalating gas prices, the expense of driving can quickly become a burden. Vehicles with poor gas mileage cost more money at the pump because they must fuel up more frequently than cars that are fuel-efficient. The environment is another reason to improve gas mileage. Cars produce carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that is a major contributor to global warming. The more gas a car requires, the greater impact it has on the environment. Whatever the reason, drivers are looking for more ways to improve fuel efficiency. Fortunately, basic changes can go a long way towards improving one's gas mileage.

Driving More Efficiently

How a person drives when behind the wheel directly impacts the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. For example, pressing on the car brakes too often, also known as riding the brakes, will reduce a vehicle's gas mileage. Gunning the engine at a green light is another behavior that detracts from a car's gas mileage. Drivers should also consider how much they carry inside of their vehicles. Operating a car with excess weight reduces its gas mileage as well.

Keeping Your Car in Shape

Most people recognize that proper vehicle maintenance is critical in keeping a car in good working condition. In addition to that, maintenance will also improve a car's gas mileage and fuel efficiency. Daily maintenance, such as checking the air pressure in all four tires, will contribute to better gas mileage just as changing the oil or replacing a dirty air filter will. When changing the oil, checking the vehicle's owner's manual will tell the owner the correct grade to use. An illuminated "check engine" light warning may also indicate a problem, such as a faulty oxygen sensor, that can reduce a vehicle's fuel efficiency.

Planning & Combining Trips

A driver with a plan is more likely to get better gas mileage than a driver without one, even if they drive the same vehicle. When a driver makes multiple trips throughout the day, he or she is burning more gas than drivers who have planned out their travel. The latter will have determined where he or she needs to go during the day and will plan to do all the necessary driving in one outing. This saves gas because a car that cooled-down engine will consume more fuel than a car whose engine stays warmed up.

Choosing a More Efficient Vehicle

Certain types of vehicles get better gas mileage than others, making them a good option for people who are replacing an older car. When buying a car from a dealership, the consumer will be able to look at what is called a fuel economy label. This label informs buyers of the vehicle's estimated average city miles per gallon (MPG), the highway MPG and the combined MPG. The label also indicates the annual fuel cost and the fuel costs savings compared the other average vehicles of the same model year. Newer labels also compare fuel economy and greenhouse gas rating with vehicles of the same model year. Another option is to purchase an alternative fuel vehicle, such as hybrid, electric, biodiesel, or hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.

  • Driving More Efficiently: The U.S. Department of Energy page on how to drive more efficiently for improved gas mileage. The page includes tips such as driving sensibly, observing the speed limit, and removing excess weight from the vehicle. There are also links to other gas mileage tips on the website.
  • Tips to Increase Fuel Efficiency: A PDF that describes ways that drivers can increase their fuel efficiency. The article discusses vehicle maintenance and driving methods.
  • Clean Cities: Tips for Improving Fuel Economy: A PDF document that lists methods of improving fuel economy. Each tip is followed by an explanation.
  • Twelve Ways to Save Fuel and Stretch Gasoline Dollars: Tips on how drivers can save money and gas. The article is divided into two sections, driving habits and vehicle maintenance, with bulleted tips beneath each section.
  • Tips to Save Gas and Improve Mileage: A PDF from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Office of Mobile Sources. The document gives tips on how to save gas, how to get better gas mileage, and how to shop for a new car.
  • Green Tips to Save Gas and Improve Mileage: A newsletter article from Nova Southeastern University that gives advice on how to save gas. This resource explains what drivers can do to get better gas mileage with their vehicles.
  • Fuel Efficient Driving: A PDF document that illustrates ways that people can be more fuel-efficient. Items reviewed include selecting the right vehicle, car maintenance, driving for better gas mileage and environmental conditions that affect mileage.
  • Fuel Economy: Save Money on Gas: An article on Consumer Reports that shows how to get better gas mileage. The advice given is based on Consumer Report testing. Includes a video.
  • Fuel Efficiency Tip: Car Maintenance: A video on the Alliance to Save Energy website. The video shows how drivers can save money through routine vehicle maintenance.
  • Twenty Energy Efficiency Tips for Driving: A tip sheet on the Grand Valley State University website that lists fuel efficiency tips in a numbered format.
  • Fuel Saving Tips: Driving and maintenance tips that help drivers to improve gas mileage. It also includes a list of myths.

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“I must say l'm delighted with the improvement from your chip, its on the standard settings and the difference in the car is amazing!!! I have a smile on my face every time I get in the car, and there is about 5-7mpg improvement. With the mileage l do, l can see myself getting my money back in no time at all. So if your a doubter like me, don't be because its one of the best things l've ever bought!!!”


Ian from Manchester

Audi A6 MK4 3.0 BiTDI 313

“As do many, I took the 'if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is' approach to performance chips. But CHIP Express were recommended by an impeccable source who had had experience with their product on my model of car - a Citroën C6 with the 2.7 HDi twin turbo diesel. Following a first rate response to a query, the product has delivered in spades. Ten days and more than 1000 miles of mixed town, country, low and high speed driving later I am certainly getting more than 10% more from a gallon, and probably 15%, and the performance is markedly better. Low speed response is immediate and has eradicated what I took to be baked-in lag in a big automatic turbo diesel, and mid-range acceleration is silky smooth, including up inclines. A very good car has been turned into the excellent car I had hoped for all along.”


Simon from Ketteringham

Citroen C6 2.7 HDi 204

“May I congratulate you on this diesel tuning product as it has made a noticeable difference to my Land Rover Discovery. I have tried other diesel tuning boxes for my previous vehicles (Kia Sorento, Peugeot 206 and Vauxhall Vectra)... and they all produced slight engine stuttering under certain load conditions. The CHIP Express system does not show any evidence of this and is equal to the likes of an ECU remap (which I have also had done before) for smoothness and noticeable power gains. This would be the only diesel tuning product I would recommend.”


James from Callington

Land Rover Discovery (3) 2.7 TDV6 190

“Be assured, this is NO gimmick. Arrived yesterday (less then 24 hours after the order was placed) and fitted today. The fitting was easy especially with the photos and instructions sent with the chip. The first thing I noticed was the responsiveness of the engine from a standing start, no more lag. I then went on a 30 minute drive both motorway and sideroads and my average fuel consumption went UP from 33.3mpg to 38.7mpg. My motorway speed varied from 60 to 85mph and the sideroads from zero to 40mph. I am so pleased with the whole result. This is worth every single penny paid. Thank you!”


Edwin from Bridgend

Ford Kuga MK2 2.0 TDCi 163

“A friend recommended one of your "gadgets" a year ago and being not-very-techno (but Scottish and keen to save money!) I bought one. The gizmo has TRANSFORMED the performance of my Land Rover Freelander 2 TD4 AND improved the fuel economy by a genuine 15%; so much so that I have bought another one for our Freelander 2 SD4 which is now a REAL Q-car! (And of course saves fuel...) I have never written a review before (though strangely I do read them and take notice of them, whilst half-believing that they are written by the owner's chums!) so to have made me pick up pen & paper so to speak - I MUST be delighted! Thanks for making technology so simple and so successful!”


Andrew from Lochwinnoch

Land Rover Freelander (2) SD4 190

“Many thanks for your fantastic service! Unit ordered Sunday, delivered Tuesday am!! Unit now fitted and, as promised, the car is transformed. Winding country lanes tackled quite happily in fifth gear. Cruising on much smaller throttle openings and immediate response on acceleration. The car behaves as a mini car should behave. I had some initial doubts about spending quite a large amount of money on this item but it is worth every penny and would not hesitate to advise anyone to do similar.”


Alan from Coventry

Suzuki Swift 1.3 DDIS 75