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These days, we hear more and more about the rising cost of gasoline and diesel, and how it can affect our pocketbook. Without doubt, high fuel rates mean that driving to work, school, or even the grocery store has become more expensive than ever. Fortunately, there are a number of ways in which individuals who wish to become more “fuel efficient” can do so. Saving money at the pump, purchasing a fuel efficient vehicle, scheduling engine tune-ups, driving more efficiently, and evaluating tire pressure are all effective methods of promoting fuel efficiency. Individuals who have additional questions about the promotion of fuel efficiency may want to consider consultation with an expert in the field. An automotive engineer or qualified mechanic may be able to provide additional information about the promotion of fuel efficiency for your car, truck, or SUV.

Saving Money at the Pump

For many individuals, saving money at the pump may be the first line of defense when it comes to saving on gasoline or diesel. While there are a number of ways in which individuals can save money at the pump, one of the easiest may be simply buying from the most inexpensive filling station around. Smartphone applications can provide users with information about the nearest gas station with the least expensive gas. By stopping at an inexpensive filling station that is on the way to your destination, you will not waste fuel, and can get a great deal as you fill your tank.

Purchasing a Fuel Efficient Vehicle

Purchasing a fuel efficient vehicle is another effective way in which consumers can save money at the pump. While the definition of a fuel efficient vehicle may vary depending on who you ask, most individuals agree that a car, truck, or SUV that gets at least 30 miles per gallon is “fuel efficient.” There are a number of small cars currently available for purchase that rely on the use of gasoline and provide at least 30 miles per gallon. Individuals who are interested in an even more fuel efficient vehicle may want to purchase a hybrid car, which relies on both gas and electricity. Similarly, electric cars do not require any gasoline, and can be significantly more efficient to drive.

Engine Tune-Ups

Engine tune-ups are also important for the maintenance of fuel efficiency. Most experts agree that an engine that is not functioning properly can decrease fuel efficiency rates by as much as 20%. For best results, an engine should be tuned at least once every six months. Individuals who drive long distances on a regular basis should have their engine serviced more frequently. Be sure to work with a qualified mechanic during engine tune-ups to ensure optimal results.

Driving More Efficiently

Individuals who wish to save on gasoline or diesel may want to consider their own driving patterns. Aggressive driving, in which individuals rapidly speed up and slow down, has been found to be quite detrimental when it comes to saving on fuel. In addition, driving at excessive speeds may also lead to fuel inefficiency. Some research suggests that the fuel efficiency of a vehicle decreases dramatically above speeds of 60 miles per hour. Using cruise control and limiting aggressive driving may be an effective way of saving fuel while on the road.

Tire and Passenger Fuel Economy

Finally, the quality of your tires can play a substantial role in effecting the fuel efficiency of a car, truck, or SUV. Many experts agree that a tire which is low in air can decrease fuel efficiency rates quite dramatically. Unfortunately, identifying when a tire is low in air can be quite difficult—especially in the early stages of air loss. Individuals who are dedicated to the maintenance of fuel economy may want to consider checking the air pressure of their tires on a weekly basis to identify possible leaks as they develop. A qualified mechanic or the manufacturer of the automobile should be able to provide information as to the ideal tire pressure for your vehicle.

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“Many thanks for your fantastic service! Unit ordered Sunday, delivered Tuesday am!! Unit now fitted and, as promised, the car is transformed. Winding country lanes tackled quite happily in fifth gear. Cruising on much smaller throttle openings and immediate response on acceleration. The car behaves as a mini car should behave. I had some initial doubts about spending quite a large amount of money on this item but it is worth every penny and would not hesitate to advise anyone to do similar.”


Alan from Coventry

Suzuki Swift 1.3 DDIS 75

“May I congratulate you on this diesel tuning product as it has made a noticeable difference to my Land Rover Discovery. I have tried other diesel tuning boxes for my previous vehicles (Kia Sorento, Peugeot 206 and Vauxhall Vectra)... and they all produced slight engine stuttering under certain load conditions. The CHIP Express system does not show any evidence of this and is equal to the likes of an ECU remap (which I have also had done before) for smoothness and noticeable power gains. This would be the only diesel tuning product I would recommend.”


James from Callington

Land Rover Discovery (3) 2.7 TDV6 190

“I was a sceptic at first, then after reading the experiences others had been through I decided to give it a go. I bought a new 1.7 CRDI Sportage, not the 2ltr purely for better fuel figures. Whilst this engine pulls very well in standard form, and was returning 44-45mpg even during the first 500 miles I had to go down the CHIP Express route. Well, there is absolutely no point in forking out the extra 2 grand for the 2 litre model when you can get the 1.7 and spend much less to get 2 litre power figures. Excuse the cliché’s, but this car is transformed and by a big margin too. From what I can remember about my 2 litre test drive, my 1.7 now pulls better than the 2 litre version. The low-down grunt is remarkable and pulls like the proverbial train. Fitting took minutes and was effortless, the box was kept on factory settings, I feel there is no need to mess with it. Needless to say I am now a very happy boy and would without question take this route again. I would recommend this to any diesel Sportage owner. Many, many thanks for a remarkable product and a customer service that is rare in this country!”


Ron from Thetford

Kia Sportage MK3 1.7 CRDI 116

“As do many, I took the 'if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is' approach to performance chips. But CHIP Express were recommended by an impeccable source who had had experience with their product on my model of car - a Citroën C6 with the 2.7 HDi twin turbo diesel. Following a first rate response to a query, the product has delivered in spades. Ten days and more than 1000 miles of mixed town, country, low and high speed driving later I am certainly getting more than 10% more from a gallon, and probably 15%, and the performance is markedly better. Low speed response is immediate and has eradicated what I took to be baked-in lag in a big automatic turbo diesel, and mid-range acceleration is silky smooth, including up inclines. A very good car has been turned into the excellent car I had hoped for all along.”


Simon from Ketteringham

Citroen C6 2.7 HDi 204

“Your customer service, speed at which you deal with questions and chip (most importantly) are second to none. This is the 3rd variation of the chip that I have run, not only do I see the fuel savings made each and every time I fill up but I also feel the changes in the increased performance too. Far too often people only feel the need to leave negative feedback on a product, it's very rare that people take the time to leave positive comments however on this occasion I feel compelled to do so. A brilliant product and one that I highly recommend should you want to make the most of your cars potential performance and make a fuel saving to add into the bargain. What's not to like?! It's been a pleasure dealing with the team at Chip Express, I just wish everyone I dealt with in life was this professional! Thank you.”


Lee from Halifax

BMW 1 Series F20 120d 190

“Be assured, this is NO gimmick. Arrived yesterday (less then 24 hours after the order was placed) and fitted today. The fitting was easy especially with the photos and instructions sent with the chip. The first thing I noticed was the responsiveness of the engine from a standing start, no more lag. I then went on a 30 minute drive both motorway and sideroads and my average fuel consumption went UP from 33.3mpg to 38.7mpg. My motorway speed varied from 60 to 85mph and the sideroads from zero to 40mph. I am so pleased with the whole result. This is worth every single penny paid. Thank you!”


Edwin from Bridgend

Ford Kuga MK2 2.0 TDCi 163