BMW 5 Series Diesel Tuning Chips

Advanced tuning chips guaranteed to boost performance for the BMW 5 Series range.

When you opt for a CHIP Express™ digital tuning system, you are choosing an innovate and bespoke tuning solution that has been specifically programmed and setup for your particular engine. As such, it works in harmony with all of the built-in engine safety parameters of your BMW 5 Series. Choose the safest system you can, from a respected and trusted company, and start enjoying significantly improved performance and economy!

Select your BMW 5 Series engine from the list below:

BMW 5 Series Power Torque

E39 520d

PS kW bhp Nm lbf/ft
BMW 5 Series E39 520d VP Pump 136 100 134 280 207

E39 525d

PS kW bhp Nm lbf/ft
BMW 5 Series E39 525d 163 120 161 350 258

E39 530d

PS kW bhp Nm lbf/ft
BMW 5 Series E39 530d 184 135 181 390 288
BMW 5 Series E39 530d 193 142 190 410 302

E60 520d

PS kW bhp Nm lbf/ft
BMW 5 Series E60 520d 150 110 148 330 243
BMW 5 Series E60 520d (Incl. E61) 163 120 161 340 251
BMW 5 Series E60 520d (Incl. E61) 177 130 175 350 258

E60 525d

PS kW bhp Nm lbf/ft
BMW 5 Series E60 525d Fleet Edition (Incl. E61) 163 120 161 400 295
BMW 5 Series E60 525d Before 2007 (Incl. E61) 177 130 175 400 295
BMW 5 Series E60 525d 2007 Onwards (Incl. E61) 177 130 175 400 295
BMW 5 Series E60 525d (Incl. E61) 197 145 194 400 295

E60 530d

PS kW bhp Nm lbf/ft
BMW 5 Series E60 530d (Incl. E61) 218 160 215 500 369
BMW 5 Series E60 530d (Incl. E61) 231 170 228 500 369
BMW 5 Series E60 530d (Incl. E61) 235 173 232 500 369

E60 535d

PS kW bhp Nm lbf/ft
BMW 5 Series E60 535d 272 200 268 560 413
BMW 5 Series E60 535d 286 210 282 580 428

F10 518d

PS kW bhp Nm lbf/ft
BMW 5 Series F10 518d 143 105 141 360 266
BMW 5 Series F10 518d 150 110 148 360 266

F10 520d

PS kW bhp Nm lbf/ft
BMW 5 Series F10 520d Norwegian Spec 163 120 161 380 280
BMW 5 Series F10 520d F11 / F07 GT / Efficient Dynamics / BluePerformance 184 135 181 380 280
BMW 5 Series F10 520d 190 140 187 400 295

F10 525d

PS kW bhp Nm lbf/ft
BMW 5 Series F10 525d 6 Cyl. 204 150 201 450 332
BMW 5 Series F10 525d 4 Cyl. 218 160 215 450 332

F10 530d

PS kW bhp Nm lbf/ft
BMW 5 Series F10 530d Incl. F07 GT / BluePerformance / xDrive 245 180 242 540 398
BMW 5 Series F10 530d Incl. BluePerformance / xDrive 258 190 254 560 413

F10 535d

PS kW bhp Nm lbf/ft
BMW 5 Series F10 535d US Spec / Incl. xDrive 259 190 255 560 413
BMW 5 Series F10 535d Incl. F07 GT / F11 / xDrive 299 220 295 600 443
BMW 5 Series F10 535d Incl. F07 GT / F11 / xDrive 313 230 309 630 465

F10 M550d

PS kW bhp Nm lbf/ft
BMW 5 Series F10 M550d xDrive 381 280 376 740 546

Feedback from our BMW 5 Series customers:

  • Tomi from Helsinki, Finland with a BMW 5 Series F10 / F11 520d 184 said:

    Hi! Fitted my tuning box in 10 minutes and went for a test drive. Have to say it was everything you promised! After first acceleration I couldn´t stop smiling! :) Much more responsive car now and the torque is great! I have already recommended your great product! Thanks a lot!

  • Alan from Whiston with a BMW E60 525d 177 said:

    Just fitted chip set box to my Beemer, very pleased with the result. More power, faster acceleration, pulls a lot better too, just as promised, and all this on the standard setting. Just thought I would let you know and thank you. I will be recommending to others!

  • Peter from Keighley with a BMW 5 Series F10 530d 245 said:

    Thanks CHIP Express, you've done it again! I have been using your chips since 2008. First on an Audi A6 2.7 TDI, which increased my MPG from 37 to 40 together with a marked improvement in power delivery. When I changed cars to an Audi A8 3.0 TDI, you reprogrammed the old chip for very sensible money and once again improved power output and my MPG. I have been so satisfied with the service provided that, when I changed again to a BMW 530d, my first port of call was to yourselves and you have not let me down. From contacting you and you returning the new chip took 5 days, and within 5 minutes this was installed. I can report that over the last week I am starting to get an increased MPG. I cannot recommend your company too highly. First class product, first class service. A pleasure to deal with. Anyone thinking of improving their MPG and power output in these harsh economic times would be well advised to consider CHIP Express before many other alternatives.

  • Simon from Hamiltonsbawn with a BMW F10 525d 204 said:

    I recently purchased a chip for my 2011 525d. Instructions for fitting were specific for my car. Now fitted you can really feel the difference. Everything is much snappier and power delivery is very linear. This is an excellent system. I have covered about 3000 miles with this chip and on my 48 mile run to work (a mix motorway and A roads) I get 47 mpg. This obviously drops when my right foot gets too heavy but it is nice to know I have the option to save fuel or save time. Would definitely recommend.

  • Dave from Hainaut, Canada with a BMW F10 520d 184 said:

    Installed the tuning module last week and I am extremely pleased with the results. Prior to installation I enjoyed driving my car, but now I really love driving the car. Makes me wonder why anyone would spend 11000 more to purchase a 530D. During the past week I tried the various settings and have had positive results with all levels. Fuel economy has only improved approximately two percent at highest setting, probably because the increased power entices me to drive more quickly. Recommended for the F10 520D!

  • David from Liverpool with a BMW F10 M550d 381 said:

    Feedback to say that I am more than happy with the increased performance and economy from the tuning. Fuel costs are very important but so is arriving on time to a meeting. My son Mark first introduced me to the possibility with my BMW 525d xDrive. Since then we have used this system on the two BMW 320d xDrive's and the BMW 740d xDrive. I recently part-exchanged the BMW 740d for a BMW M550d triturbo. The benefits pay for the system in a short time and then it is a win-win situation: A win with more performance and a win with more economy! FOLLOW UP: I am very happy with the results. The high speed response is far better. Thank you very much for the upgrade!

  • Steven from Melvourne, Australia with a BMW F10 520D 184 said:

    I have just installed mine in a 2012 BMW 520D with outstanding power improvements. Specifically it got rid of the turbo lag, which in my opinion I thought was dangerous. The CHIP Express kit has made the car better to drive and more importantly safer. BMW, you should take note of this system for future car releases!

  • David from Duns with a BMW F10 535d GT 299 said:

    Useful improvement in economy of around 10% on shorter journeys, this becomes more like 17-20% on longer trips. I also used the system on a Seat Ibiza 2.0 TDI CR 143 which also resulted in much improved engine response and economy. This is an excellent product!

  • Tim from Morthoe with a BMW F10 520d 184 said:

    On Saturday I received my upgraded chip - great customer service! Originally fitted to my BMW E60 530d performance and economy easily matched what was quoted and I was more than pleased. Having just fitted the reprogrammed chip to my new 520d I just wanted to inform you that once again performance is very impressive. Fitting was also very easy thanks to the clear instructions. I will continue to recommend you, a fantastic product from a fantastic company!

  • Nick from Penrith with a BMW F10 520d 190 said:

    I have the chip installed and racked up about 1,000 miles. The difference in torque and mid-range acceleration is palpable and very welcome in such a big car. I don’t monitor fuel consumption particularly closely however I certainly haven’t noticed any degradation in that respect despite my heavier right foot whilst enjoying the extra performance.

  • Raj from West Drayton with a BMW 5 Series F10 535d 313 said:

    I have just sold my BMW 535d which was previously fitted with your chip box. After 2 years of fault free driving, I have nothing by praise for CHIP Express. I never got a single fault code, nor did I get any excessive smoke, just a noticeable power increase that made the car more enjoyable to drive!

  • Stuart from Newcastle with a BMW E60 535d 286 said:

    I had this chip on the wife's Golf 2.0 TDI MK6. It made a massive improvement to performance and MPG, especially on long motorway drives, however considering she only did a 4 mile combined trip to work it was pointless, so I decided to have the chip reprogrammed for my BMW. On the 535d it has given me instant throttle response, normal drive mode is very smooth and responsive without flooring the pedal and sports mode is like being on a runway train. Absolutely delighted yet again, thank you.

  • Malcolm from Bournemouth with a BMW 5 Series E60 520d 177 said:

    Fitted unit over 3 years ago on BMW 5 series M sport Touring 20d. Consumption 48-56 mpg, mid range grunt and acceleration brilliant on a vehicle with 130,000 on the clock. Have to teach right foot I am no longer a teenager!

  • Hugh from Ashtead with a BMW E60 520d 163 said:

    Am very pleased with the product bought for my BMW 520d. The claims you make are all borne out by the results I am getting. A really good car is even better as a result. Thank you also for your prompt service.