Chevrolet Diesel Tuning Chips

The most innovative and effective Chevrolet diesel tuning chips you can buy!

Choose the tuning system with proven technology and a worldwide reputation – the tuning system specifically designed and calibrated for your vehicle. A CHIP Express™ plug-in diesel tuning box will boost your Chevrolet's engine power, whilst reducing your fuel consumption. Buy a diesel tuning chip that will safely transform your drive for the better!

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Feedback from our Chevrolet customers:

  • Vic from Dianella, Australia with a Chevrolet Colarado 2.8L 200 said:

    I was looking to improve economy and reduce turbo lag. With the CHIP Express fitted I gained 1.5 litres per 100kms better fuel economy if solo and when towing a 2 tonne trailer I appreciated the noticeable power improvement, 25% at least. The reason I wanted the chip was for fuel economy and at present I am getting 15% more on average with regular city and suburban driving.