Dodge Diesel Tuning Chips

The most innovative and effective Dodge diesel tuning chips you can buy!

Choose the tuning system with proven technology and a worldwide reputation – the tuning system specifically designed and calibrated for your vehicle. A CHIP Express™ plug-in diesel tuning box will boost your Dodge's engine power, whilst reducing your fuel consumption. Buy a diesel tuning chip that will safely transform your drive for the better!

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Feedback from our Dodge customers:

  • David from Casar, USA with a Dodge Ram 3.0 EcoDiesel 243 said:

    I am greatly pleased with my chip on my 2015 Ram V6 EcoDiesel. I am getting 20% more fuel mileage. Traveling on the road was the reason for buying the chip, I was not looking for more torque or horsepower but economy. The truth is we go both. I am completely satisfied with this product.

  • Steve from Royal Palm Beach, USA with a Dodge Ram 1500 3.0 EcoDiesel V6 243 said:

    I'm extremely impressed with my CHIP Express system. More power, better mpg and absolutely outstanding customer service, the best I have ever encountered.