Jaguar Diesel Tuning Chips

The most innovative and effective Jaguar diesel tuning chips you can buy!

Choose the tuning system with proven technology and a worldwide reputation – the tuning system specifically designed and calibrated for your vehicle. A CHIP Express™ plug-in diesel tuning box will boost your Jaguar's engine power, whilst reducing your fuel consumption. Buy a diesel tuning chip that will safely transform your drive for the better!

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Feedback from our Jaguar customers:

  • Ben from Bournemouth with a Jaguar XF MK2 20d 180 said:

    Once the chip was installed I took the car for a run. No problems with starting or tick over. No warning lights. Traffic has not allowed me to explore the performance but I'm looking forward to a run. FOLLOW UP: Running the chip has resulted in a significant increase in power, the car positively flies! This gives the much improved performance I was looking for. I would like to thank you for your excellent support and outstanding service. I can unreservedly recommend CHIP Express.

  • David from Yeovil with a Jaguar X-Type 2.2D 155 said:

    I have one of your units fitted, the performance gain is terrific, more than enough for my needs! On a long journey the economy has improved from 43 to 50 mpg. I will be happy to recommend your product to others. My car is now ALL that I want and will not be replaced as previously mooted. So much power and from an oil-burner at that!

  • Robert from Trefriw with a Jaguar X-Type 2.2D 155 said:

    Box fitted 2 weeks ago. Different car altogether. Will run at much lower revs and still pull away. Have just travelled from north Wales to Portsmouth and back and got 52 MPG at an average speed of 70 MPH. Excellent.

  • Alan from Cambridge with a Jaguar XJ 2.7D 207 said:

    Why by one? Why this company? I have a reasonably fast car anyway, what can it do for me? Well after hours of research of almost every supplier in the country and still in doubt I thought I would give it a go. It arrived just 16 hours after I placed the order! Now the real test, what does it do? 600 miles later and a lot of playing with the throttle I can confirm it DOES what it says in every way, loads more initial low RPM power… almost a second off the 0-60 and in kick down you almost have to learn to drive again, especially in the wet! My jaguar XJ now really drives like you expect a Jaguar to drive! Fuel consumption is better too (by about 6/7 mpg) but I am still having fun with the throttle so no real tests. Now that’s why you chip, and that’s why I recommend CHIP Express... brilliant!

  • Michael from Tullnerbach, Austria with a Jaguar XF MK1 3.0D Edition 211 said:

    I received the tuning box this Monday (excellent service). After installation everything worked perfectly as expected. The new found power is just great. Everybody should try it! Thanks again!

  • David from Manukau, New Zealand with a Jaguar XF MK1 2.7D 207 said:

    Fitted the chip in minutes and noticed the improvement in performance immediately, much smoother changes and a better power band. Have just check my fuel usage and now am getting an average on highway of 6.7L/Km, has been as low as 6.2L, the best I got before was 7.8L. Thanks, great product and delivery.

  • Mustafa from Gabala, Azerbaijan with a Jaguar X-Type 2.0D 130 said:

    I was sceptical about the achievement of your product.... HOWEVER after use I am very happy! A quick 30 minute test drive and my Jaguar runs better then ever, even at an altitude of 2,569ft. I can now fully endorse your chips!

  • Graeme from Galsgow with a Jaguar X-Type 2.2D 155 said:

    I fitted the Chip Express unit a few weeks ago, and have just had the car on an 800 mile round trip, Glasgow-Cardiff. Genuine 50mpg! Ran beautifully, with noticeably better acceleration, overtaking at 70 in 6th gear effortless, due to immense torque. I'm delighted. Thanks for a great product.