Mercedes Diesel Chip Tuning Boxes

The most innovative and effective Mercedes tuning solution you can buy – the safe alternative to an engine remap or ECU power chip!

Choose the diesel engine tuning system with proven technology and a worldwide reputation – the tuning system specifically designed and calibrated for your vehicle. A CHIP Express™ plug-in diesel tuning box will boost your Mercedes' engine power, whilst reducing your fuel consumption. Buy a Mercedes diesel tuning chip that will safely transform your drive for the better!

Feedback From Our Mercedes Customers

Peter from Bangkok, Thailand with a Mercedes W205 C220d 194 said: Many thanks for your prompt delivery all the way to Bangkok for my brand new W205 C220d. The Merc was somewhat fast with 194PS and 400Nm but after installation I am now a very happy camper, the car is now so much fun to drive and the throttle response is just amazing! You have made my year!
Leigh from Taunton with a Mercedes E-Class W212 E250 CDI BlueTEC Facelift 204 said: I have a 2015 Mercedes E250 CDI Cabriolet and recently fitted the chip. It took minutes to fit the chip itself and a further few mins of fettling to find the best place to stow the item, all in all a very easy solution. I bought the chip for the extra performance, more torque than power, as opposed to economy gains, and it has delivered it in spades. I took my car out for a spin prior to fitting then again on the same road post fitting and I could feel the difference instantly and everywhere. I highly recommend this product for the grin factor, the economy gains will come as a result of the chip which to me is just a bonus.
Steve from Salisbury with a Mercedes W204 C220 CDI Blue Efficiency 170 said: Originally bought this tuning kit for my Mercedes ML280. The difference in torque, acceleration, smoothness and driveability was excellent and immediate. I sold the ML and Bought C220 Blue Efficiency, the same kit that I used for the ML280 was returned to CHIP Express for reprogramming to the C220. It took 48hrs from returning to receiving the replacement and less than 10 minutes to fit, the car has been transformed into the car it should always have been! Excellent service (rare these days), I highly recommend this product!
Mark from Redhill with a Mercedes A-Class W176 A200d Facelift 136 said: What can I say? Excellent service and advice on the phone. As many others have written I was a little sceptical at first, how can something this small do so much. The staff were extremely helpful and reassured me about how it works and what it does to the car. I purchased a unit for my 2017, W176 A200d AMG (2143cc) taking it from 136PS to 170PS. Took less than 10 mins to fit and secure under the bonnet, took it for a quick test drive and it is more than a different car. The throttle response and pulling power in low revs are exceptional. Have been running it for a week now and the MPG has gone from 47.2 to 51.8 with most of the driving done on A/B roads. I cannot fault this device nor recommend it highly enough. Just buy one, you won't regret it. Worth every penny!
Peter from Much Dewchurch with a Mercedes GLE 250d 204 said: A quick note to say thank you for your excellent service once again. This is the third Mercedes I have fitted one of your chips to, always with excellent results, much improved power and torque with the added bonus of at least 10% fuel economy improvement, so a win, win...
Lee from Bromborough with a Mercedes W204 C220 CDI 170 said: Recently bought the chip for Merc C220, super impressed! Drove down to London this weekend at 67MPG, no lag, improved performance - exceptionally pleased. A great product that's paying for its self already!
John from Stoke-on-Trent with a Mercedes ML270 CDI Auto 163 said: We bought one of the units for our Mercedes ML about 4 years ago. It has made a noticeable difference to the performance - the car always seemed to under-perform for its size before it was fitted and this has improved it considerably, thank you.
John from Boldon with a Mercedes CLS320 CDI 224 said: I have had the CHIP Express tuning chip fitted to my Merc CLS 320 CDI since 2009 and find it very good, power is increased for when needed and I achieve around 12% better fuel economy, spot on!
Simon from Rome, Italy with a Mercedes Vito 120 3.0 CDI 204 said: I bought the chip in July but only just got round to fitting it. GOODNESS what a difference!!!. The chip has changed my van into a sports car (almost). I was not really interested in more power but the chip has transformed how the Vito performs. It seems much more lively AND the fuel consumption seems slightly improved. FANTASTIC thanks!!!
Richard from Kineton with a Mercedes W204 C250 CDI Blue Efficiency 204 said: Just a short note to say thank you. Your customer service is like an oasis in a sea of mediocrity. Nothing is to much trouble - I cannot commend your company highly enough. I have now had one of these chip's well over 5 years on 2 different vehicles. The results on both were great. I initially bought the box for economy but the side effects of smoother delivery of power and more of it were a welcome bonus. I have recommended to friends and colleagues who have bought them too!
Eden from Auckland, New Zealand with a Mercedes X164 GL350 CDI 224 Blue Efficiency said: I can not believe the difference, I was going to get rid off my new 2010 Benz GL, once a slug... now its a weapon, its unreal!! I also have a new BMW M3 but now my Benz is my favorite toy, cheers!
Jim from Ontario, Canada with a Mercedes X164 GL350 CDI BlueTEC 211 said: My compliments! I've just installed the Chip Express on my 2012 Mercedes GL 350 Bluetec. The chip is connected correctly and operation is obvious the first time you use the throttle. Thank you for creating such a terrific product, I am very impressed! I will certainly promote your product to everyone here in Canada.
Scot from Coatbridge with a Mercedes CLA-Class CLA220d 177 said: Installation was very straightforward, took 5 mins. Felt an improvement in power straight away. Have now moved it up 2 levels and the torque is noticeably beefed up. Overtaking is never a gamble, plant the right peg and enjoy the moment!
Kaj from Waterlooville with a Mercedes W204 C200 CDI 136 said: I received the chip tuning box next day by special delivery. Opened it up and had a close look then took some time to read the instruction manual before fitting. I did not change the settings on the box, just kept them standard. Left the engine on idle for few minutes and checked for any error messages or lights on the dash, there were none. Car was idling as normal and I could feel the engine running smooth. Switched it off and finished the installation. I could not wait to jump in the car and test drive it! Well, first impressions are great; the car felt very different with a lot more power, acceleration is fantastic. I drove a good 20 miles. Felt like I had a lot more power in low gears as well as high gears and I didn’t have to press on the accelerator to much. The 60 mile journey to work this morning felt so much better. I was hardly touching the pedal at 70mph and the trip computer gave a reading of 55mpg compared to 47mpg average. I will be recommending you to my friends.
John from Beaminster with a Mercedes E-Class W211 E220 CDI 170 said: Test run before fitting, 38.4 mpg. After fitting, same run in exactly same time, 42.0 mpg. Throttle response much better, engine much smoother. As a marine engineer (retired) with over 40 years running power plants up to 40,000 bhp I know when a diesel sounds just spot on! During next 6 days car traveled 890 miles, returning 46.4 mpg. On motorways at steady true 70mph mpg was 50. These figures and acceleration are an astonishing improvement, far better than anything achieved "before chip".
Mike from Fairfield, United States with a Mercedes ML350 CDI BlueTEC 211 said: Just wanted to let you know the chip arrived for my 2010 Mercedes ML350 diesel a couple of weeks ago. I installed it last week, and the results are exceptional! In particular, I had occasion to make a long highway drive two weeks ago (prior to the chip) I got 26.8 mpg on the trip of 900 miles, mostly on the cruise control at 75 mph. I installed the chip last week, and made the exact same drive, same highway, same weather, except at mostly 80 mph on the cruise control. I averaged 31.05 mpg on the second trip – an increase of over four miles per gallon, at a higher speed. I have also experienced a substantial improvement in acceleration, though I don’t have a baseline for comparison. At 73 years old, I don’t do much street racing any more… but, there was this guy with a Mitsubishi Eclipse the other day… Anyway, I just wanted to let you know the chip really did what it is supposed to do. Extremely impressive.
Andy from Norwich with a Mercedes E250 W212 CDI Blue Effieicency 204 said: Many thanks for your excellent and prompt service. Had bought a chip for my Vito 120 V6 which I found made a great family van into a fantastic powerful autobahn cruiser. Fuel returns were up by 4 to 5 mpg but with better performance. Now had chip altered by yourselves to fit onto my E250 cabriolet. Very easy to install. Fuel returns about 7 mpg more after fitting with an increase in power and pulling in gear rather than changing down. Will not hesitate to have chip altered for next car. A very happy client!
John from Knebworth with a Mercedes GLA-Class GLA220d 177 said: This is the third vehicle I have fitted one of your chips, a 2018 Mercedes GLA 2.2 Sport. I have been very impressed with the increase in performance and refinement. My Mercedes feels like a better car, especially the way it now changes through the auto box with such smoothness. I am very pleased with your product and service once again.
Richard from Swindon with a Mercedes A-Class W176 A180 CDI Auto 109 said: Well done CHIP Express. This is my third unit and am more than satisfied with the results. My usual journey covers 60 miles and the car returns about 57 mpg, after fitting the chip it achieved 67 mpg. That together with much smoother acceleration had me wondering if it was the same car! I now look forward to my next trip, most impressive and many thanks.
Pertti from Tampere, Finland with a Mercedes CLA-Class CLA180 CDI 109 said: I installed the chip and immediately noticed the effect. Works really well, fuel consumption ranges from 4.8L to 5.2L / 100km. The engine's running tone is soft and comfortable to drive. I'm really pleased!
Chris from Rugby with a Mercedes W204 C220 CDI Blue Efficiency 170 said: I fitted this little box of tricks and to be honest I am one of the world’s most sceptical when it come to bold claims, also I am no mechanic, in fact the most I ever do is top up the oil, water and tyres. Fitting the unit was so easy even I could do it, instructions so clear you can’t go wrong. My first impressions of what this chip unit is doing is amazing, most of all is the increase in fuel economy, its early days but it looks like a 15% improvement, the power output has also increased by a good margin making the car much more fun to drive.
David from Cambridge with a Mercedes CLS320 CDI 224 said: I am on third chip from Chip Express. I had one on my Rover 75 2.0 CDTi 131, then my Mazda 6 2.2D 163 and now on my Mercedes CLS320 CDI 224. I tried chips from other companies but they were all been sent back. This is the only chip I have had were you can feel the difference in the way the car performs. My Rover 75 was so much faster it was like a different car, I covered about 80.000 miles on that one. I then moved over to the Mazda 6 and would says this was a quarter as quick again and my fuel was so much better, I covered 60.000 miles with no problems. I recently upgraded my chip for use on my Mercedes CLS. The V6 engine is much smoother and more responsive. I have been using your chips for a few years now, covering thousands of miles each month as a chauffeur, your chips make driving so much better. Keep up the good work!
Rod from Wickford with a Mercedes ML350 CDI 231 Blue Efficiency said: I purchased my chip unit in September 2009 primarily for the increase in torque it gives for towing our then new caravan. It was a revelation! Not only did it make for a safer more comfortable drive, the extra fuel economy is very handy when towing. Clearly, when not towing the difference in power and fuel economy is even more impressive. Initial acceleration has a much better response, crisper, sharper again making for a safer vehicle, particularly when exiting round a bouts in the busy periods of high traffic volumes. Powering on (there safe to do so) is remarkable, coupled with the huge difference in the mid range it makes for a true sporting experience. Such has been my experience over the last 5 years that I have had the chip re-programmed by CHIP Express, who I have to say have been really excellent and very efficient with the service, and with the new leads and instructions supplied I will be fitting to our 2011 ML350 Blue Efficiency very shortly. Whilst a more powerful V6 231 bhp CDI engine, I expect, relatively speaking, a similar transformation and experience. Thank you!
Neil from Nedlands Australia with a Mercedes S320 CDI 235 and C220 CDI 170 said: I bought the chips for around town fuel savings. I have just fitted chips to my Mercedes S320 CDI, and C220 CDI, and the results are fantastic. Both vehicles are smoother, and have much more low end torque. They upshift sooner, and hold onto gears longer on inclines. We have reduced our fuel consumption by 10% around town, and by 5% on country runs. Many thanks for your prompt and efficient service, Western Australia is a long way from Hertfordshire!
Tony from Ruislip with a Mercedes Sprinter MK2 313 CDI 129 said: Received my chip and fitted it to the van, took it for a test run for an hour on the motorway. Just wanted to say it's brilliant, the instructions were spot on, took hardly anytime to fit and delivery of the item was fast and on time. Huge thanks!
Benjamin from Midhurst with a Mercedes B180 CDI 109 said: I have just fitted one of your chips to the above vehicle, and I have to say that the improvement to both mid range performance and MPG has been amazing. Both my partner and I just cannot see why Mercedes do not run with these devices as standard. It makes a pretty gutless and dull car so much better. We did not, of course buy this car for its performance, my partner needed an automatic due to her bad knee, however both of us were surprised quite how dull it was to drive. I had known about these devices for some time but had not experienced them 1st hand. I have to say that it transforms the car into just what we want. Money well spent, thank you.
Rick from Macclesfield with a Mercedes E-Class E350 CDI 265 said: Thank you for an exemplary service and rapid turnaround. I have to say that the courtesy and quality of service I have experienced over the years should be an example to any company wanting to succeed in business. Many times I have been frustrated and hugely disappointed when addressing a company through their "Customer Service Department", usually, the bigger the company, the worse service you receive. Dealing with Chip Express is definitely a breath of fresh air!
Ervin from Waltham Cross with a Mercedes ML-Class ML270 CDI 163 said: I want to take this opportunity and thank you for such a great product and service. It was so easy to install and made a HUGE difference to the performance and economy of my ML270. I am now moving to a ML350 and I am sure it will work just as well, thanks again, I'll keep recommending you!
Charlie from Eastleigh with a Mercedes W205 C220 CDI BlueTEC 170 said: The "Chip" is everything you say.... my MPG coming back from Gatwick was up to 67 MPG.... due in part to the speed restrictions.... but never the less, its at least 5-8 MPG greater than before! The car also changes gear more readily as well, I have not had the opportunity to fully exercise the increase in torque yet, but I don't expect it to disappoint!
Steve from Southampton with a Mercedes W203 C200 CDI 122 said: First surprise: Having ordered my unit around 4pm on Friday afternoon, I was most surprised and very pleased to receive it first thing on Saturday morning. Second surprise: Ease of fitting. Third Surprise: The overall difference it has made to the car. I own a Mercedes C200 CDI and have always felt that Mercedes got it wrong with this model; however I bought it and am stuck with for the foreseeable future. Your unit has turned it into what it should be, it is now smoother, quieter, responds better and the difference in fuel economy is nothing short of outstanding. Today on a regular trip from Southampton to North London and back I saw the mpg raise from 42.1mpg (average) to 51.2mpg (overall average for the round trip) and apart from road works (M3 & M25) and typical M25 hold ups, I was driving at normal motorway speed (outside lane with flow of traffic).I was that impressed I even stopped in the services on the way back and took a photo of the trip computer display. It was showing the following: From Start 152ml / Av speed 45mph/ 51.0mpg!
Ashley from Dumfries with a Mercedes W204 C220 CDI 170 said: I can't tell you just how very thrilled I am with your product which I fitted with no difficulty whatsoever, a few days ago. The car has been totally transformed! All the claims made in your advertising have been met, and, in my mind, superseded. Additionally, to come across a company with such high standards of customer service, is refreshing to say the least. Well done for producing a product that has such an ability to greatly increase our enjoyment of our vehicles performance, with the added benefit of improved fuel economy as well. I shall definitely be recommending CHIP Express to all my friends.
Michael from Woking with a Mercedes CLC200 CDI 122 said: I am very pleased with the diesel tuning chip, the car is much more responsive and my MPG is better too. I will recommend your products to my friends.
Robert from Brierley Hill with a Mercedes W204 C200 CDI 136 said: I can not believe the change in my car with this chip. Power is just unreal to the standard setup on my C200. Mercedes need to improve the programming on there cars. This diesel chip is well worth the money paid.
Les from Durham City with a Mercedes W204 C250 CDI 204 said: Mercedes C250 Estate (S204) AMG 2014. Fitted the chip to the car a few days ago and in terms of power and torque... WOW!... what a difference! The car has a new lease of life (even though it is only 2 years old). The torque increase is obvious - the car now picks up speed much more smoothly and evenly in both economy and sport mode. As for acceration in sport mode, its bordering on scary when I give it its freedom with my right foot... 50mph to 70mph was achieved in seconds, and I reckon if I fit it with wings it might just take off! Even my other half noticed the difference - and she's no petrol head. Lets hope the fuel consumption increase is equally spectacular - if I can keep my right foot off the gas! FOLLOW UP: I had a chance to take it for a run over the weekend... MPG up to 60.1 MPG on the same route in the same traffic conditions and I used to get 46 MPG on if I was lucky.
David from Tenbury Wells with a Mercedes Vito 122 3.0 CDI 224 said: A few years ago I purchased a CHIP Express unit for my Vito 120, I recently had it transferred to my 2012 Vito 122 and it works perfectly, this new vehicle has a trip computer and I was very happy to find that even though I have loads of power for overtaking I can still achieve 30+ MPG when I'm not in a hurry!

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“I must say l'm delighted with the improvement from your chip, its on the standard settings and the difference in the car is amazing!!! I have a smile on my face every time I get in the car, and there is about 5-7mpg improvement. With the mileage l do, l can see myself getting my money back in no time at all. So if your a doubter like me, don't be because its one of the best things l've ever bought!!!”


Ian from Manchester

Audi A6 MK4 3.0 BiTDI 313

“A friend recommended one of your "gadgets" a year ago and being not-very-techno (but Scottish and keen to save money!) I bought one. The gizmo has TRANSFORMED the performance of my Land Rover Freelander 2 TD4 AND improved the fuel economy by a genuine 15%; so much so that I have bought another one for our Freelander 2 SD4 which is now a REAL Q-car! (And of course saves fuel...) I have never written a review before (though strangely I do read them and take notice of them, whilst half-believing that they are written by the owner's chums!) so to have made me pick up pen & paper so to speak - I MUST be delighted! Thanks for making technology so simple and so successful!”


Andrew from Lochwinnoch

Land Rover Freelander (2) SD4 190

“As do many, I took the 'if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is' approach to performance chips. But CHIP Express were recommended by an impeccable source who had had experience with their product on my model of car - a Citroën C6 with the 2.7 HDi twin turbo diesel. Following a first rate response to a query, the product has delivered in spades. Ten days and more than 1000 miles of mixed town, country, low and high speed driving later I am certainly getting more than 10% more from a gallon, and probably 15%, and the performance is markedly better. Low speed response is immediate and has eradicated what I took to be baked-in lag in a big automatic turbo diesel, and mid-range acceleration is silky smooth, including up inclines. A very good car has been turned into the excellent car I had hoped for all along.”


Simon from Ketteringham

Citroen C6 2.7 HDi 204

“May I congratulate you on this diesel tuning product as it has made a noticeable difference to my Land Rover Discovery. I have tried other diesel tuning boxes for my previous vehicles (Kia Sorento, Peugeot 206 and Vauxhall Vectra)... and they all produced slight engine stuttering under certain load conditions. The CHIP Express system does not show any evidence of this and is equal to the likes of an ECU remap (which I have also had done before) for smoothness and noticeable power gains. This would be the only diesel tuning product I would recommend.”


James from Callington

Land Rover Discovery (3) 2.7 TDV6 190

“Many thanks for your fantastic service! Unit ordered Sunday, delivered Tuesday am!! Unit now fitted and, as promised, the car is transformed. Winding country lanes tackled quite happily in fifth gear. Cruising on much smaller throttle openings and immediate response on acceleration. The car behaves as a mini car should behave. I had some initial doubts about spending quite a large amount of money on this item but it is worth every penny and would not hesitate to advise anyone to do similar.”


Alan from Coventry

Suzuki Swift 1.3 DDIS 75

“Be assured, this is NO gimmick. Arrived yesterday (less then 24 hours after the order was placed) and fitted today. The fitting was easy especially with the photos and instructions sent with the chip. The first thing I noticed was the responsiveness of the engine from a standing start, no more lag. I then went on a 30 minute drive both motorway and sideroads and my average fuel consumption went UP from 33.3mpg to 38.7mpg. My motorway speed varied from 60 to 85mph and the sideroads from zero to 40mph. I am so pleased with the whole result. This is worth every single penny paid. Thank you!”


Edwin from Bridgend

Ford Kuga MK2 2.0 TDCi 163