Volvo Diesel Tuning Chips

The most innovative and effective Volvo diesel tuning chips you can buy!

Choose the tuning system with proven technology and a worldwide reputation – the tuning system specifically designed and calibrated for your vehicle. A CHIP Express™ plug-in diesel tuning box will boost your Volvo's engine power, whilst reducing your fuel consumption. Buy a diesel tuning chip that will safely transform your drive for the better!

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Feedback from our Volvo customers:

  • Alan from Darwen with a Volvo XC60 2.0 D3 163 said:

    What a brilliant bit of kit! Once easily fitted I got extra power, a smoother running engine, more miles per gallon and a more relaxed drive due to less frequent gear changing. The system is worth every penny and the customer service is top notch! What more can you ask for?! Thanks CHIP Express!

  • Steve from Sussex with a Volvo XC90 2.4 D5 200 said:

    Ordered at 3.30pm and it arrived and was fitted by 10.30am the following morning. Fitting was simplicity itself and could not have been easier. Have not driven it far yet but there is a noticeable increase in power but more importantly loads more low down torque for drivability. BRILLIANT and much better value and better increases than Volvos own Polestar chip! FOLLOW UP: Further to my earlier posting I have now had more opportunity to drive the car since fitting the CHIP Express box. The car is noticeably smoother, and the increase in torque not only provided better drivability but the auto box now changes down sooner on demand and up into top gear earlier on light throttle. This has resulted in an indicated increase in fuel economy, I am now getting 470 miles to a tank as apposed to 400 before fitting the box. Absolutely delighted!

  • Andrew from Baulkham Hills, Australia with a Volvo XC60 2.4 D5 215 said:

    This chip has totally changed the dynamics of my Volvo XC60 in normal DRIVE mode with incredible performance in SPORTS mode. The pickup and smoothness in acceleration is rather amazing. My wife couldn't believe the difference. Very easy to install. Don't hesitate in buying from CHIP Express the results are worth the investment.

  • James from St. Neots with a Volvo S60 2.0 D3 163 said:

    I just wanted to say I have fitted my tuning chip and it now goes like a rocket... it’s got a lot more low down grunt and mid range is superb. Fuel economy was up to 48mpg which is great and much better than before. Thanks again for putting a big smile on my face... a great product!

  • Andy from Ferryhill with a Volvo XC70 2.4 D5 215 said:

    Just fitted the CHIP Express tuning box (in less than 5 minutes) to my Volvo XC70 and the difference was what I expected - BRILLIANT, this is the 3rd car that I have used CHIP Express with and will continue to use on all future cars. We all spend thousands on our cars and an additional few pounds changes a normal car into a car that gives increased pleasure from both performance and MPG, money well spent. Thanks.

  • Paul from Watford with a Volvo XC70 2.4 D5 163 said:

    I have today received and fitted the CHIP Express kit and I was delighted with the improvement it instantly made to my Volvo XC70. It has saved me thousands of pounds, because now I don't need to buy a new car, this has effectively made mine into a new car, also must commend you on a excellent service, prompt delivery and very helpful staff.

  • Frazer from Driffield with a Volvo V60 2.0 D3 136 said:

    I am chuffed to bits, a fantastic service from CHIP Express. This is my second unit after taking advantage of the trade in offer when I changed cars. The first unit was faultless for 130k miles on my Insignia, I traded in for a new kit for my Volvo V60 D3. Very impressed with the performance and fuel economy increases on both cars. I cant thank them enough, great product and great service, I will most certainly be getting another kit when I change cars again.

  • Ian from Colchester with a Volvo XC90 2.4 D5 185 said:

    Works well, turns a slow beast of 2 Tonnes from a 0-60 at 11 seconds to a 0-60 in around 9 seconds, with my driving style economy went from 27mpg to 30mpg. I've bought a new car and not worried about performance because I know I can fit one of these and performance will be just fine.

  • Matthew from Woodley with a Volvo S40 2.0d 136 said:

    Volvo 2.0d 2005. I had a box for my Golf Mk4 GTI 150PD from Van Aaken and it was good. I have just gone from a 300bhp Skyline to this diesel Volvo and was sad to miss the power. I looked about and bought the Chip Express device. It really is amazing. My Volvo would give my old Golf a run for its money. Mpg standard was 44mpg (driving normally) and is now 52mpg! Awesome Product!

  • Ian from Darwen with a Volvo XC90 2.4 D5 185 said:

    Having recently bought you product I can tell you this has transformed my vehicle... better MPG, I achieved 32mpg whilst towing my 1500kg caravan. I took the vehicle for its MOT and passed the emission test with flying colours. A better CAR ALL ROUND!